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Col. Keefe.jpg
The first military organizations to appear on the St. Norbert campus were the Blue Jacket Club and the Caisson Club. These units became active in 1926 under the direction of Father A.M. Keefe.

Activities for these clubs consisted mainly of a…

MG Lison, JR.jpg
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BG John Hanley.jpg
Graduating class of 1979

COL Steven F. Donarski.jpg
In June 1950, the Korean War called St. Norbert students, graduates and the professor of military science and tactics (PMS&T) to combat. The small size of the regular army at the time necessitated the activation of many reserve component units. As…

COL James R. Bukoski.jpg
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COL William C. O'Lesky.jpg
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LTG Jospeh C. Lutz.jpg
"General Lutz was a Special Forces soldier and leader who never forgot to take care of his soldiers his visions are our heritage".
-Special Forces Association

MG. Joe Lutz served from Special Forces A Team and B Team Commands to Head all U.S.…
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