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military ball 13 001.jpg
This is a picture of a military ball that took place in 1952. The picture was located on a CD in the St. Norbert College library archives.

military ball 28.jpg
COL. Herbert Allen proceeds with the crowning ceremony by crowning Miss Katie Halron. The Military Ball court watches on as the ceremony continues.

military ball 18.jpg
Cadet LTC Johnson shows the plans for the 1957 Military Ball to one of his fellow ROTC members and their dates.

BG Alfred J Mallette.jpg
Graduating class of 1961

BG Bruce Miketinac.jpg
November 1988-July 1992

Brig. Gen. Bruce T. Miketinac replaced Brig. Gen. Walter F. Johnson as Chief of the Medical Service Corps and as the Surgeon General's Director of Health Care Operations on 1 November 1988, returning to Washington, D.C.,…

BG Carl Newhouse.jpg
No Information Available

BG John Hanley.jpg
Graduating class of 1979

BG M.G. O'Connell.jpg

The Border Mission 1972-1973

BG (Ret) Mike O'Connell:

"When I took command of the squadron, we were still part of VII Corps and attached to the 2nd ACR. The mission was conducted out of both Wollbach and Coburg and we were responsible for a…

military ball 21.jpg
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Norm Jarock the Battalion Commander for St. Norbert College ROTC asked Clarice Krawczyk to be the Queen of the 1958 Military Ball, which took place at the Riverside Ballroom.

Col. Keefe.jpg
The first military organizations to appear on the St. Norbert campus were the Blue Jacket Club and the Caisson Club. These units became active in 1926 under the direction of Father A.M. Keefe.

Activities for these clubs consisted mainly of a…
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