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military ball 17.jpg
Colonel Charles Ege places the Queens crown on her head while the King Cadet LTC Johnson stands and poses on her right hand side. The picture on the right is of couples arriving at the dance hall on the night of the military ball.

military ball 16.jpg
Three guests of the annual military ball sit and watch the activities as they are handicapped from a recent skiing accident. All three members are from Wisconsin.

military ball 15.jpg
On Feb. 10, the honored guests of the military ball form the line that everyone will walk through in order to meet all the distinguished guests of the evening. The Professor of Military Science was COL. Claude Shaver.

military ball 14.jpg
COL. Claude Shaver places the tiara on Queen Virginia Bradtke's head. The king of the evening was James Romanski.

military ball 13 001.jpg
This is a picture of a military ball that took place in 1952. The picture was located on a CD in the St. Norbert College library archives.

military ball 12.jpg
During the annual military ball Brigadier General Waldemar W. Breidster of the Wisconsin National Guard, crowns the queen of the ball, Miss LaVerne Debauche while she sits on her throne. The King Cadet LTC Joseph Gerondale stands and watches.

Excelled with no pictures.jpg
This is a list of officers who excelled but had no picture.

COL Bob Bersch.jpg
Graduating class of 1978

MG Lawrence J Fleming.jpg
Graduating class of 1945
MG Lawrence J. Fleming retired from the US Armed Services in 2002. He passed away September 2, 2006.

COL John P Soukup.jpg
Graduating class of 1953
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