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COL Bob Bersch.jpg
Graduating class of 1978

COL Bob McWilliam.jpg
Graduating class of 1952

COL Brian H. Cundiff.jpg
No one was left untouched by the Vietnam War. The St. Norbert commissionees served and contributed during repetitive tours of duty, again with unequaled dedication and heroism. As a captain, Brain Cundiff ’61 won the nation’s second highest award for…

COL Celeste T. Richardson.jpg
No Information Available

COL Francis D. Schmitz.jpg
Graduating Class of 1972

COL James G. Van Straten 001.jpg
Doctor James G. Van Straten, Ph.D. (COL, MS. USA Ret.) served 30 years on active duty in a number of assignments including senior medical advisor in Vietnam, Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Army, and several tours on the staff and faculty of the…

COL James R. Bukoski.jpg
No Information Available

COL John Biese.jpg
Graduating class of 1961
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