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LTG Raphael Hallada.jpg
Graduating class of 1962
Field Artillery School Commandant: August 20, 1987-July 19,1991

COL Richard P. Vande Hei.jpg
Graduating class of 1962

LTG William H. Campbell.jpg
Graduating Class of 1961

COL Brian H. Cundiff.jpg
No one was left untouched by the Vietnam War. The St. Norbert commissionees served and contributed during repetitive tours of duty, again with unequaled dedication and heroism. As a captain, Brain Cundiff ’61 won the nation’s second highest award for…

BG Alfred J Mallette.jpg
Graduating class of 1961

COL John Biese.jpg
Graduating class of 1961

COL Tom Johnson.jpg
Thomas Colonel Thomas W. Johnson (72), U.S. Army (Retired), passed away on October 9, 2009, in Green Bay, WI. A resident of Whittier, NC, Col. Johnson was born in Green Bay in 1937. His military service spanned 32 years, during which he was stationed…

COL Norman Jarock.jpg
In the fall of 1957, Vice President Nixon was greeted by the cadet battalion under command of cadet Lieutenant Colonel Norm Jarock. Mr. Nixon visited Green Bay to dedicate the new Packer stadium. He complemented the unit as "one of the finest I've…

LTC William L Shackelford.jpg
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