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  • Collection: St. Norbert's High Ranking Officers

COL John C. Hanley.jpg
Graduating Class of 1942

COL John P Soukup.jpg
Graduating class of 1953

LTC Paul A. Forster.jpg
Graduating class unknown

COL Bob McWilliam.jpg
Graduating class of 1952

COL William G. Fritschel.jpg
Graduating Class of 1961

COL Francis D. Schmitz.jpg
Graduating Class of 1972

COL Timothy J. Decker.jpg
Graduating class of 1970

COL Tom Reinkober.jpg
Graduating class of 1965

BG Bruce Miketinac.jpg
November 1988-July 1992

Brig. Gen. Bruce T. Miketinac replaced Brig. Gen. Walter F. Johnson as Chief of the Medical Service Corps and as the Surgeon General's Director of Health Care Operations on 1 November 1988, returning to Washington, D.C.,…

COL Payton Vannes.jpg
Graduating class of 1962
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