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Graduating Class of 1942

Military Ball 1948
This picture is from the 6FEB1948 Infantry Club Military Ball Diner at the Chatterbox Club, De Pere, WI.

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Members of the St. Norbert College Military Ball converse, while their wives sit and listen on. At the Arena, the venue of choose for the annual military ball, of 250 guests attended and danced the night away.

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COL. Herbert Allen proceeds with the crowning ceremony by crowning Miss Katie Halron. The Military Ball court watches on as the ceremony continues.

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On The left is, Jim Yuenger, pinning an orchid on his date Pat Zahornik. On the right is the entire military ball court at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay, Wi.

military ball 25.jpg
King Cadet LTC John Madigan and Queen Miss Kathleen Halron take pictures after being voted Military Ball king and queen on February, 6 at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay, WI.

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Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Norm Jarock the Battalion Commander for St. Norbert College ROTC asked Clarice Krawczyk to be the Queen of the 1958 Military Ball, which took place at the Riverside Ballroom.

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At the 1958 Military Ball the receiving line takes place. The receiving line is a customary activity to introduce the guests of ball to all the honored personnel that are in attendance. This year King Norm Jarock and Clarice "Boots" Krawczyk will be…

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Mt. Mary Sophomore, Miss Joan Grimes was named the Military Ball Queen next to Jerome Johnson the St. Norbert College ROTC Battalion Commander. The ball will take place at the Riverside Ballroom on Friday evening the 22nd of February.

military ball 18.jpg
Cadet LTC Johnson shows the plans for the 1957 Military Ball to one of his fellow ROTC members and their dates.
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